Week 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville

IMAG0598 IMAG0594IMAG0595For Week 15 I chose to highlight the work of Troy Rounseville. Troy’s work included the “self-playing” instruments. Troy describes his work as exploring the disjunction between our physical embodied experience and its translation through technological mediation. He asks 3 questions, questions that he bases his work around: Does transferring emotions through technology change the authenticity of one’s experience?; Can face to face experience ever truly be presented once filtered through computers, phones or other digital media; How will technology transform the nature of our own embodied experiences with other sentient beings? These are all big scale questions with no obvious, clear cut answers, but the pieces are meant to beg the question. Personally the message and delivery fascinates me and it’s a topic I’ve thought of before: what is the difference between “authentic” music and digitally recorded music? At what point does it so being a human’s work and start being the creation of an automation/machine/random chance? I think whenever there is a person at the helm, then it’s a legit or authentic ‘piece’ or experience. Personally I think people romanticize the past too much and in the past, this wouldn’t fly as authentic music, at least in my opinion. But times, they are a-changing.


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