Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Tyler Muronaka


During week 12 I got to chat with Tyler Muronaka. Tyler, like most people i’ve spoken with this semester, is a freshman (I feel so old in this class…and most others haha). Tyler attended North High School in Torrance, his home time. At CSULB Tyler is studying to be a Film major, though at this point he’s just focusing on taking care of his GE requirements. Like most others I have spoken with, Tyler has had limited experience with art, particularly more abstract pieces, though he did do some basic sketching/doodling in his younger days. We talked about how he noticed how much better he was as a kid vs trying it again as an adult, which could be partially to do with experience/comfort, but also likely to do with being more critical/expecting more as an adult. Like myself with baseball, Tyler played basketball growing up though stopped in high school to focus on other interests once the game had lost some of its initial care-free appeal. Though he has family in Hawaii, being a film major, Tyler sees himself staying in the Los Angeles area after finishing college (though he admitted that decision is a LONG way off). I had a good time chatting with Tyler and sharing similar stories of the transition from highschool to college, as well as our various interests and hobbies. Check out his page for more info!


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