Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Dominic Erich



For week 11 I had a lengthy and stimulating chat with Dominic Erich. Dominic is originally from Stockton California, he’s a freshman, a pre-business/accounting major and a music aficionado. In highschool Dominic took a typical intro to arts class, though his school also included ceramics, which I was jealous of as my highschool focused more on basic drawing/painting/art history. Dominic also took his art interest to another level by doing mural-style paintings when the opportunity presented itself (legal means only, of course!). Turns out that Dominic and I had a fair bit in common (aside from the fact that I’m a Dodgers fan and he’s a fan of the rival Giants, but I digress). We both played sports growing up, baseball for me and water polo for him. Dominic had interest in music early on, and came across a Fender Strat (guitar) in his grandpa’s possessions, a rare find indeed. Some of Dominic’s favorite artists include John Mayer and Gary Clarke Jr. We spent a good chunk of our convo going over our favorite songs, styles of music, concerts we’ve been to and one’s we’d like to go to, and the overall state of music these days (while we agreed that it seems dire compared to past generations, it may just be that you have to work harder to find the true artists). I had a genuinely good time chatting with Dominic, and could easily see myself hanging out with him outside of a school setting, as we seemed to connect effortlessly.


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