Week 11 – Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo




For week 11 I mainly focused on the work the “Shifting Focus” exhibit of Romina Del Castillo’s work with pastels and chalk. I found each of her pieces to be impressive, though the two I included pictures of stood out the most.

For some reason I was particularly intrigued by the pastel and chalk (presumably) self-portrait entitled “Late Night Vices”. It almost had the effect of taking a picture of yourself taking a picture in a mirror, where the image can just repeat itself infinitely, though obviously in this case there is no actual “mirror” just a representation of one. I loved that there was also a small recreation of the nun/baby/halo piece titled “Let the Devil In” within the self-portrait. This felt like a peak inside the process of the entire exhibit, and as such it conveyed a clear emotional and personal touch. I liked the “Let the Devil in” piece as well as it seemed to play up the innocence of childhood with the “devil’s advocate” tendencies of adulthood, with the child seemingly placing the halo, a sign of angelic nature and goodness, on top of the nun’s head, though the child looks decidedly angry or at least indifferent. Perhaps it’s a message or warning to not take things at face value? Either way, I found it thought-provoking and intriguing.


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