Week 9 – Artist Interview – Lauryn Hutchens

“God is Greater than God”

Ink on Bristol


For week 9 I chose to focus on Lauryn Hutchens piece, “God is Greater than God”, which is ink on Bristol. I liked it because of some of the (perceived) statements it was trying to make. The first vibe I got was almost a traditional, native look based on the feather in the headband and the traditional native hair style, or at least that’s what the stereotypes seem to portray the look as. The next thing I noticed was the word “consumerism” running across her dresses hemline. Then you notice that there aren’t actually any legs drawn on her, just words combined to form the shape of legs. Some of the words include disparity, resentment, anger, disease etc. obviously, at least in my mind, alluding to her concerns about consumerism and what it causes. Any art piece that is this thought-provoking is extremely intereting, at least in my book.


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