Week 10 – Artist Interview – Almira Nikravesh

“Honest Abe”

Time and Money


For week 10 I chose to focus on the work of Almira Nikravesh, particularly the piece entitled “Honest Abe”. I loved how the materials listed for the project are “Time and Money” and I just loved the simplicity of it. First off, the meticulous nature of the project is apparent right away. Just thinking about the time it took to perfectly arrange and organize all of those pennies into a uniform pattern makes me tired and makes my fingers hurt. The title is an obvious allusion to the moniker of perhaps the most popular president in history, though I think the material list could be just as appropriate for a title, considering the phrase “Time is Money” and the materials being “time and money”. since it questions the value of time and the value of money, and the way in which these things matter (or don’t) when it comes to art. Though the piece perhaps looks simplistic, I am drawn to pieces that make use of objects that in and of themselves have no artistic relevance perhaps, but when utilized in the proper way, could be quite thought provoking and profound.


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