Week 10 – Activity – Landscape with a Corpse




For week 10 we focused on landscape photography, though not in a traditional way. We focused on landscape photography in the same vein as Izima Kaoru’s 20 year long “Landscapes with a Corpse” project. I decided to stage my corpse photo in a natural environment, as I am a physical geography major, and to tie it to snakes, as I have a pretty deep irrational fear of snakes, so I figured that would be the best way to go. I had my brother’s girlfriend help create the fake snake bite on my right ankle with makeup, and then my brother and I chose a spot in a field near a hotel we were staying at for a wedding, and set up our scene and created the fake snake trail near the “death” site. I had a fun time with this project, and definitely got a few alarmed looks from passerbys and the like.


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