Week 8 – Activity – ePortfolio




screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6

For week 8 our activity was to transform our basic ART 110 blog into an ePortfolio of sorts. Over the years I have started two different blogs dedicated to writing about the Dodgers. Unfortunately I only got as far as posting one time on each blog, not having been satisfied with my writing or creative ability. So I figured it only seems right to attempt my Dodger blog again, this time with a copy of the better-of-the-two posts that I wrote as well as a separate section for my ART 110 posts. I like to think the audience of my blog or website would be forward thinking baseball fans, preferably Dodger fans, with an interest in advanced player analysis and sabremetrics. I have included a “Baseball 101: sites to know” sub menu under the “Dodgers” menu on my site, with a link to sites that I frequent and sites that have a lot of the basic information that newer fans to baseball would need before diving into the advanced content I would include on my site. Obviously, my blog is very preliminary, as I only have the one baseball-related post, however I think the theme works a little better for my subject matter, and there are tons of widgets that I can add to imrove functionality and overall site capabilities.


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