Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Austin Naud


During week nine I chatted with Austin Naud. Austin is a sophomore, he’s currently undecided on his major, but he is leaning towards a general, broad-ranging degree such as business or communications. Like others I have chatted with this semester, Austin explained that he had little to no prior experience with art, at least from an educational standpoint. Austin went to Wilson High School, so, like me when I went to Millikan High School, he took an introductory art class but beyond that he’s only focused on this class as an elective and a stepping stone of sorts. Austin and I share an athletic upbringing, except whereas I was a baseball player through and through, Austin spent his childhood and high school years playing soccer. One area where we differed was our intentions after school, as Austin said he definitely plans on staying local, whereas I am intent on heading out-of-town, most likely to the pacific northwest, or else on a two-year Peace Corps assignment. I think a lot of that could have to do with age and just repetition, as I am 27 going on 28 and I graduated high school in 2005, while Austin on the other hand graduated in 2013. That’s another interesting dynamic of this class, the mashup between students of all ages, which I haven’t had since taking GE courses some time ago. Another week, another interesting conversation.


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