Week 8 – Artist Interview – Susan Patt

For Week 8, I focused most of my attention on Susan Patt’s “Deserted” piece. The ominous image of the closed doorway, as well as the effects of the quality of the image itself served to pull me in. I found the piece captivating as the image is of a deserted building, with a closed-door further giving the sense of it being locked or abandoned, and the after effect on the image itself leaves the edges looking worn, dated as if the piece itself had been “deserted”. I don’t know if it’s from the multitude of scary movies I’ve watched over the years, or else perhaps it’s just a natural fear, but abandoned/deserted buildings, specifically ones in the shape of this building, with the paint peeling and cracks throughout, are just the epitome of fearful and negative energy for me. Something about the absence of life, or at least the perceived absence of life, gives it all a very unwelcoming vibe. Any way, considering how transfixed I was and the feelings the piece stirred, I felt compelled to write about Susan Patt’s piece.


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