Week 7 – Activity – Painting!

IMAG0366 IMAG0368 IMAG0369 IMAG0370

For Week 7 I had my first experience with spray paint or graffiti art. The experience really should be split in half, as my first half was pure frustration at my lack of ability while the second half was much more calm, cool and collected. I watched the videos provided on the class website and checked out a few others as well just trying to absorb as much info as possible but ultimately there’s no replacement for experience and that’s definitely true with painting of any kind. At first my hand was too far away and I kept angling my wrist and this led to uneven paint spray and overall a muddled and amateur look. The second time around, after going back to the videos to go over the tips again, I felt much more confident and steady with my hand, though I realized how much different the experience would be with a wall 5 feet high and wide or bigger, rather than the small wooden boards I used this time around. The experience was a cool one for me personally, as I can honestly say I’d never spray painted my name before on any surface, and after this I definitely intend to take a trip to Venice to try my hand at the legal art walls.


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