Week 6 – Activity – French Girls/Draw Me!

Screenshot_2014-10-15-00-18-58 Screenshot_2014-10-14-15-02-50

For week 6 we tried out the “French Girls” app, however, as an android user, I went with the less popular, and more crash-happy “Draw Me!” app and submitted a series of selfies. I am definitely not a “selfie” person so that entire process was probably hilarious to witness. I had a great time just scrolling through all of the submitted drawings, and even the pictures themselves were hilarious or perhaps impressive for super amateur photography. I was shocked (not shocked) when I realized that I was particularly bad at drawing with my fat fingers on my phone, and quickly lost patience with myself and the process. I had more success just messing around on the ipad, though i’m clearly still a novice when it comes to cell-phone art. The three drawings that were submitted of me were all of the same selfie, and all three were insanely impressive given the return time on them. There is something very cool about seeing the near instant art appear on your screen, though I would love to find videos of people actually drawing in the app to get a greater feel for how they possibly do such intricate work on such small surfaces. I enjoyed this week’s activity, and the way I looked at my artistic capabilities in this particular endeavor was that it can only get better from here.


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