Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Branden Saito



During week 7 I had a chance to interview Branden Saito. Branden is a 3rd year student, he’s an Information Systems major, and he has aspirations of one day working for Google, YouTube or Facebook. Branden described his major as being heavy on the programming, but with an emphasis on being more well-rounded with respect to Information Systems, as opposed to being technically proficient in only one area. Branden and I both got a laugh reminiscing about our only previous “official” art education classes that took the form of “Drawing and Painting 1 & 2” or something similar at our respective high schools. Branden is a Los Alamitos high school graduate, while I attended Millikan high school, so we had some common experiences and dispositions growing up in similar environments. In addition to our educational similarities, Branden and I have both spent a good deal of our childhood and adult life making trips with our dad up to the Lone Pine area in Northern California. Branden did so mostly for fishing, while we tended to just camp and hike and soak in the landscape. Branden and I seemed to hit it off pretty well, so I’d say this was a successful “interview”.


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