Week 7 – Artist Interview – Kenita Hale


During week 7 the one exhibit that stood out to me the most was Kenita Hale’s eerie sculpture/circus tent. I think most people tend to think of art as only drawing and paintings, and maybe some sculptures, but there’s so much more that goes into it. The context, environment, materials, lighting, signage etc. all combine to create the artists’ preferred lens through which to view their piece. I felt that Kenita did an amazing job with all of the details BEYOND the actual sculptures. The circus tent plays up the subject of the sculptures – circus performers and physical deformed outcasts, while the eerie lighting and dark tone with intermittent candle-light all set the stage for the emotional feel of the sculptures and subject-matter. It says something about the potential “accuracy” of Kenita’s work that part of the message being sent with her sculptures is the objectification of physical or mental abnormalities, and here we all are staring and perhaps laughing or gasping at the sight of sculptures. One thing I keep going back to with Kenita’s piece is the importance of the context and environment of her exhibit. The sculptures themselves wouldn’t have drawn me in as much without the darkened tent and eerie atmosphere.


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