Week 6 – Artist Interview – Juan Martin, Isiah Ulloa, Angel G. Franco





During week 6 I was mesmerized by “Labryinth”. The artists for this sculpture exhibit are Angel Franco, Isiah Ulloa and Juan Martin. “Labryinth” is described as a show that explores Digital Manufacturing along with already-established methods of production to alter the perception of how you go about creating art. It seems to me to be an expression of diversity and interrelations. I like how the artists compare the world of art to the world of geometry, as this seems to give a clearer picture of the ways in which you can, and they did, “mulitiply, dock and/or warp” the “expansive” world that you are essentially creating. With geometry so many things (angle, direction, size) can be slightly altered or manipulated to create something entirely different and unique. This applies to art just as well. There is no “one way” to do things, and it’s amazing how easily it is to assume this piece is created one way when you initially see it, then another way as you get closer to it, then another as you really examine it closely, and so on and so forth. Almost as if the piece is moving or changing as you examine it. The processes is, most often, just as important if not more important than the final result, and I think this project nailed that concept.


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