Week 5 – Artist Interview – David Yamamoto

foreclosed auto dealership

foreclosed auto dealership

abandoned storefront

abandoned storefront

another foreclosed store

another foreclosed store


The above are the examples of David Yamamoto’s work that I found to be most interesting and apt for the current times. These three photographs are part of David Yamamoto’s “Recession” series, which, in his own words, “…documents the evolving landscape as businesses are closed in the face of our economic downturn. The images show the remnants of businesses and the attempts at erasing the previous tenants. In the absence of the logos and signage, the remaining structured spaces reveal attempts to construct and control the movement and experience of the customer. The locations are haunted by a failed consumer economy and memories of the economic prosperity that defines the recent past”. I found these photos to be particularly interesting given the proximity of the photograph sites, my own experiences during the recession and the widespread ability to identify with the abandoned and foreclosed stores and businesses. I liked how each of the photographs included this sort of dichotomy between the wasted/abandoned semi-permanence of the man-made wastelands, vs the natural and renewable beauty of the sky and/or surrounding environment.


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