Week 4 – Classmate Convo – Zac Ramirez

Zac Ramirez

During week 4 I had a nice chat with Zac Ramirez. Zac is a physical education major, a 2nd year student, a member of the Army ROTC, and has plans to join the army immediately after graduation. Long-term, Zac, a Los Alamitos native, has plans to return to the area after serving in the army with the goal of teaching P.E. and being a football coach.

When it comes to art, Zac is in the same boat as a lot of students in that he’s only been exposed during the required high school fine arts class. We both really enjoyed checking out the amazingly intricate glass pieces done by Maccabee Shelley. More on those pieces in my artist writeup. To be honest, Zac and I spent a fair bit of our time, in between looking at pieces, just talking about football and the lack of a football team both here at CSULB and, more egregiously, within the city of LA. We both expressed cautious optimism at the chances of getting one, though most likely two, pro teams relocated to downtown LA in the next few years. One thing that Zac said that gave me a little insight into him as a person was about the type of football coaching job he’d most enjoy; Zac said he’d way rather start as a coach at a school with either a non-existent program or one that had perennially struggled so that he could really invest and build a program from the ground up. While we didn’t get too deep into our own artistic insights, or lack thereof, we had a good time chatting about our other interests while observing some really incredible and unique pieces of art, which I think is what the spirit of this class is all about.


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