Week 3 – Activity – Kickstarter (IndieGoGo)

I chose to share this video from the program “Telescopes to Tanzania” that I recently donated to and that recently reached its goal fundraising amount. No, this video isn’t from Kickstarter, it’s actually from IndieGoGo but they really are effectively the same business model and process so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. I chose to donate to this program because of my deep curiosity and fascination with the universe, and what better way to stimulate and spread that curiosity than by giving undereducated and underestimated children in Tanzania the tools to stare at the night sky in wonder. Although a little cheesy and perhaps staged at times, the video does a good job of connecting to the target audience and genuinely illustrating their reasoning for wanting to not only bring telescopes and other scientific tools to Tanzania, but to open an entire science center dedicated to educating the school children and local communities as a whole.


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