Week 2 – Classmate Convo – Kathleen Nguyen

Kathleen Nguyen


During week two I got the chance to meet Kathleen Nguyen. Kathleen is a freshman from the Bay area who is majoring in Health Care Administration and would love to get a job in a hospital back home in NorCal after finishing school. Kathleen and I agreed that we were eager to get this class started as it offered the opportunity to approach visual arts in a more “hands-on” way than say a traditional art lecture class might approach it.

Kathleen was forthcoming about her lack of experience and exposure to art, but expressed legitimate interest in getting more comfortable with viewing art and picking out the deeper meaning behind certain pieces. We both enjoyed the “Who Do You Worship” (Keep Calm and…) piece, much like Juventino and I during week one, because of the pop culture appeal, and our general disposition to a lot of things in the same vein as the subject of the piece. Then again, that piece seems rather easy to pull meaning from. We both had a tougher time searching for meaning from the two gigantic rectangle board pieces, though just going strictly by color you can sort of divine the mood intended perhaps. All in all, Kathleen and I had a nice chat and were able to connect over mutual understanding (and lack thereof) of certain artistic pieces, and we had a fun few minutes talking about the biggest changes you experience going from the relatively strict and institutionalized structure of high school to the freer, more independent lifestyle of college. After sharing ALL of my saved up super-senior wisdom, I’d have to say I think it was a productive convo for the both of us and I think Kathleen and I are exactly the type of people this class was meant for: people who just need a little more exposure to types of art and actual art pieces to observe and explore.


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