Week 2 – Artist “Interview” – GLAMFA Artist Pilar Gallego


“Teen Idol Poster Series, James Franco”


Pilar Gallego


During week two, I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit some of the pieces that I may have overlooked or missed the previous week. So I made a point of going only to those pieces that I didn’t recognize instantly. The one that I came across that had the biggest immediate impact on me was Pilar Gallego’s piece on Teen Idol, James Franco: the headless version. Jokes aside, my first thought was this piece had to do with equality of some kind. Essentially, if you take two guys with similar builds and you remove their heads, they are gonna look the same. The longer I stood there the deeper I went in that direction. I started thinking about how much effort and worry and time and energy and money people put into perfecting, modifying, painting, tattooing and or admiring their face. The face is the “front page” of the body. It’s the most identifying part of a person’s body, and we seem to base our daily mood on how we feel when we look in the mirror at the face, and/or how others react to it. Coming back full circle now, Pilar’s piece amazed me because of just how much she was actually removing when she “removed” James Franco’s head. She was removing so much of his identity, and so much of his (perceived) daily cares/worries.

After reading over Pilar’s page on the GLAMFA website, I’m not so sure that I hit the mark when it comes to the message she was trying to convey. Her goal was to explore semiotics, particularly with regards to “archetypal masculinities”. However, at this point, just to be able to extract some personal deeper meaning from a piece is an important and worthwhile pursuit.


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