Week 2 – Activity – Instagram

I have to admit, I had to set up an Instagram account for this assignment. Not that I have anything against someone for using Instagram, because I honestly don’t. I think I just never have the desire to constantly snap photos as I go and I have a mild case of OCD (not really) so I know if I did start doing it I would spend far too much time ensuring the photos were clear, the red eyes removed, the shade/tint altered, etc. All that being said, I actually rather liked the assignment and was invested in snapping a few decent photos after I got the hang of it. One thing I really enjoyed was looking at everyone’s photos afterward. It’s amazing the difference in some people between actual face to face interaction and interaction via social media. What this says about the larger issue of problems communicating in person aside, I love how a quick glance at a series of instagram photos from a person can tell you more about them than they would ever offer on their own in one on one conversation.

As far as our class goes, there was definitely a lot of overlap. This is to be expected, considering the assignment was only for one day, it was a day that every one obviously had class, and a day during Week of Welcome. Those aren’t the only reasons for overlap of course. The nature of social media, and my generation’s use of social media in particular, is that it’s a way to express one’s uniqueness in more or less the same way as every one else. For example: While you may be unique in that you were the only person eating chocolate chip waffles off of a mickey mouse plate at 3 am on thursday morning, the fact that you like to take pictures of your food isn’t unique, as most of the free world is aware. It seems like with Instagram, like with all Social Media, and really anything that is “consumed” by the masses, there are trends that constantly pop up and gain steam and completely overwhelm the market. The selfie, sunrise/sunset photos, planking photos, foodie photos, etc. The masses just put their own spin on the current trend. One look at our group’s hashtag and it’s obvious that a lot of people took pictures of their bedrooms/out their window upon awakening, inevitable breakfast photos followed, and then pictures of various spots on campus flooded instagram. While some people posted pictures of their pets, or their car, or a group selfie, or the line at Starbucks, it’s obvious from looking at the photos that the people using that hashtag are all tethered to a similar community. Though our ages and our interests may vary, the need to express our individuality while simultaneously being accepted and “liked” by others is universal across any and all cohorts.

Some of my favorite IG’s from a visual standpoint:
10683914_642371485860564_1660687303_n 10632081_1543194175916000_1366483683_n 10624254_1466240426972532_427256407_n


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